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Fit and Able provide the NHS physiotherapy service and private physiotherapy services at:

  • Twyford GP Surgery

  • Wargrave GP Surgery

  • Loddon Vale GP Surgery

NHS Or Private physio?
What are the differences?


NHS: When you self- refer for NHS Physio your form will be triaged by a senior physiotherapist. An initial assessment will be provided, within 15 working days, which is usually delivered by telephone or virtually as deemed most appropriate by the clinician. Most patients are given self-management advice and exercises to start their rehabilitation and are expected to try this first before having hands on treatment. If you do not improve, or if the physio feels it necessary, you will be offered further physio appointments, the first of which is usually delivered face to face. A treatment plan will be offered which could include hands on treatments as well as the full range of physio interventions ( excludes Acupuncture) . There is a maximum number of appointments that are available for NHS patients with the emphasis always on self-management.

If you require NHS physio please complete the form below.


Private: On booking a private initial physiotherapy assessment you will be offered a face to face appointment, usually within 1-2 working days. You will always be seen by a senior physiotherapist who will provide a working diagnosis and treatment plan, give advice and exercises but will compliment this with hands on treatment and other physio interventions as suits your condition. Further physiotherapy appointments will be offered as required and delivered face to face. Private appointments are generally 30% longer in duration. We are registered with all major healthcare insurance providers and take self-paying patients.

You are very welcome to start on a private basis and transfer to NHS or vice versa as suits your requirements. The benefit of using our private service is that you can stay with the same physiotherapist giving continuity of care. 

For more details or to book a private appointment click here


Please take a moment to fill out the form.


I, (Person named on this form) confirm the information provided below is accurate to the best of my knowledge
To help us provide your care, do you consent to AQP Physio Providers sharing your information with other organisations involved in your care? For example your GP, other NHS Trust services, etc. I consent to my information being used/ shared to health care professionals for my treatment.


Have you received physiotherapy in the last 6 months for the same musculoskeletal problem
I can confirm I am 16 years old and over


If your NHS number is unknown you can find this by:

Telephone your GP 

Accessing the NHS app

Using the link below

Providing consent to the provider to access the link to source your NHS number

I consent to the healthcare professional assessing the link to find my NHS number
How do you wish to be contacted?


Do you need any help with accessing our service either for reading, understanding or mobility?
Do you need an interpreter?
Do you require a Female or Male practitioner? Please tick preferred option - We will try and accommodate preference
Do you need a chaperone?

Triage Questions

Have you had surgery in the last three months for the musculoskeletal problem you are referring for?
Has your GP or Consultant advised you to self-refer
Are the symptoms getting worse?
Have you had any recent tests or investigation conducted relating to your musculoskeletal symptoms?
Are you currently taking any medication?

Thanks for submitting!

We request a 24 hour notice period for appointment cancellations.

Cancellations can be made by:

            Telephone- 01189340926 / 07720933192


Please note cancellations for Monday appointments need to be made before noon the Friday before.

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