If you have a home worker reporting pain when using their work equipment; or need assistance meeting Health and Safety regulations for home workers - we can help wherever they are located!

Level 2 Home Worker Assessment:

  • For those with physical pain when working (e.g. back, neck or upper limb pain).

  • Detailed ergonomic assessment.

  • Immediate advice and solutions.

  • Full written report with recommendations.

  • Discounts available for any additional equipment recommendations from most UK suppliers.

Level 1 Home Worker Assessment:

  • To meet HSE regulations for Home Workers.

  • Training and advice provided.

  • Home worker assessment checklist completed.



Additional Information:

ADD ON'S:  Discounts for combination assessments e.g. vehicle and home office.

INDEPENDENT PHYSIOTHERAPY OPINION: This helps ensure the medical condition is being managed appropriately alongside any workplace adjustments to facilitate a full and sustained recovery.

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