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High mileage drivers are at an increased risk of developing aches and pains, which can quickly impact on their ability to work. Our UK network of assessors can help wherever they maybe located.

Ergonomic Vehicle Assessment

The assessor will review the driver’s posture and use of the vehicle in consideration to their reported physical complaint. They awill make adjustments and offer advice regarding good driving postures and practices with self- help management strategies to reduce the postural impact of driving.

A full report is provided with both short and longer term recommendations for further consideration by the business.

Additional information:

ADD-ON's: Discounts for combination assessments e.g. vehicle and home office. 

INDEPENDENT PHYSIOTHERAPY OPINION: This helps ensure the medical condition is being managed appropriately alongside any workplace adjustments to facilitate a full and sustained recovery.


For further information please complete the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

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