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Manual work, wether repetitive, heavy or involving awkward postures can pose a high risk for physical aches and pains. Our UK wide network of assessors can help.


Additional information:

INDEPENDENT PHYSIOTHERAPY OPINION: This helps ensure the medical condition is being managed appropriately alongside any workplace adjustments to facilitate a full and sustained recovery.

Ergonomic assessment of the workplace:

For organizations with manual work processes e.g. manufacturing, production lines, lab work, warehouses we can provide an ergonomic assessment of the workplace to highlight any areas of ergonomic risk. Advice and recommendations will be offered in a detailed report to help employers ensure the health and wellbeing of their work force.

Individual ergonomic assessment:

For an employee known reporting pain when working. The assessor will discuss the medical issues and relate these to the work station(s) and activities undertaken. Advice and solutions are implemented wherever practical and a full report is submitted with recommendations for further consideration by the business.

For further information please complete the enquiry form on our Contact Us page.

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